2022- 2023 Policies & Procedures

(To be set annually by the elected officials and presented to association members at the late summer meeting with a majority vote approval.)  


Sanctioned Sports

Fall: Girls Cross Country – Varsity

Boys Cross Country -- Varsity

Co-ed Soccer – Varsity

Girls Volleyball – JV and Varsity


Winter: Girls Cheerleading - Varsity

Boys Basketball – JV and Varsity

Girls Basketball – JV and Varsity

Spring: Boys Baseball – Varsity

Girls Fast Pitch Softball - Varsity

Year-round: Golf

Bass Fishing

Archery – JV and Varsity


Fees & Fines

JV Fee per Sport $50

Varsity Fee per Sports $60

Fine for Late Fee (to be added to fee if not sent by the dates below) $10

· Fall Sports’ Fees due by 9/15

· Winter Sports’ Fees 11/15

· Spring Sports’ Fees due by 3/15


Team Schedules, Rosters (include the player’s first and last names, number, and grade), and Pictures must be sent to the website by the following due dates: (A late fee of $10 will be assessed if schedules, rosters, and/or pictures are not sent.)

· Fall Sports due by 9/15

· Winter Sports due by 11/15

· Spring Sports due by 3/15


Reminder: Team Rosters/Eligibility Forms and Birth Certificates for new athletes are also due by above dates.  Send this information to: KCAA, PO Box 542, Hillview, KY 40129 (or send UPS or FedEx to KCAA, c/o Dan Mangus, 3604 Waterfall Ct., Shepherdsville 40165).  Do not fax birth certificates.  Rosters and other forms must be mailed.


Deadline for teams to declare participation no longer coincides with the dates of the Sports’ Fee. To be post-season eligible, Fall sports teams need to be declared by July 1, Winter teams by October 1, and Spring teams by February 1.  After the deadline, no team will be obligated to recognize the late comer’s entry into the field.  A list of schools participating in the various sports and their eligibility will be posted on the website.  This procedure will allow all schools to know how many games to schedule and which games will count towards the postseason.  Schools could remove their teams after the deadline, but the list would provide adequate information in one location to enable more efficient and timely scheduling.


*In order to get name recognition on the official KCAA website and a free link to their home address, each team is responsible to pay a $120 web fee per year unless they have paid at least $120 in sports fees for the year.


Each school must name an acting athletic director even if it is a volunteer position and submit an updated contact number for the AD to the website by the Roster/Schedule Deadline dates.  The AD should maintain updated contact information for the school and themselves.

*$10 fees are applicable for non-compliance.


Each school is required to keep a current certificate of insurance on file with the KCAA office listing the KCAA as covered.  It should be turned in at the late summer meeting.  When requesting the COI, you would list KCAA with the mailing address.



Budget (Budget with Treasurer’s Report to be presented at late summer meeting.)


· President’s Budget Cap - $500 without approval of the board if not part of budget.

· A $1500 stipend will be paid to the president (if funds are available at the end of the fiscal year) as stated in the Bylaws of KCAA, Inc. (written for the 501c3)

· All-Star Budget - $700

· Web payment to Jeff Massey $150 per month


Region Alignment











Holy Angels










Lexington Latin









Oak Ridge







The Well of 979







Tournament Dates/Locations & All-Star Game

*To be set at spring meeting and confirmed in late summer meeting.


FALL 2022:


Soccer 10/3 – Mr. Soccer letters are due

10/10 – All-State nominations are due

10/10-11 – Quarterfinals @ Higher Seed

10/13 – Semifinals @ Etwn Sports Park 6:30

 10/15 – Championship @ ESP 6:30


JV Volleyball 10/14-15 @ Micah


Varsity Volleyball 10/17 – Miss Volleyball letters due

10/24 – All-State nominations are due

10/21-22 –Super Regional Tournaments

10/28-29 – KCAA Varsity State Tournament

@ West Jessamine


Varsity Cross Country           10/8 – State Meet @ Community


WINTER 2022 - 2023:


Boys Varsity Tip-Off Classic 11/11-12 @ Heritage


Girls Varsity Holiday Classic 12/2-3 @ Lakeside


JV Basketball           2/17-18 @ Oak Ridge


Varsity Basketball   2/20 - Mr/Miss Basketball letters due

2/27 – All-State nominations are due

2/24-25  - Super Regional Tournaments

2/27-28  – Girls 1st Four Games @ Higher Seed     

2/27-28  – Boys 1st Four Games @ Higher Seed     

                                                3/2-4 – Quarterfinals thru Championship @ WJHS


All-Star Basketball Games & Cheerleading 3/11 @ Legacy



Spring 2023:


Archery                                      3/11 @ Community


Varsity Golf 5/19 @ TBD


Bass Fishing Date in May


Varsity Baseball 5/15 – Mr. Baseball letters are due

5/22-23 - Play In Games @ Higher Seed

  5/29 – All-State nominations are due

5/30 – 1st Round Games @ Higher Seed

6/1 – Semifinals @ Cornerstone

6/2 – Rain-out date

6/3 – Final @ Cornerstone


Varsity Softball 5/15 – Miss Softball letters are due

5/22-23 - Play In Games @ Higher Seed

5/29 – All-State nominations are due

5/30 – 1st Round Games @ Higher Seed

6/2 – Semifinals @ Cornerstone

6/3 – Final @ Cornerstone



 All-State Team (Varsity only)

All-State Nominations will be voted on by all of the coaches.

All-State Teams: 10 each for the following – Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, & Softball


All Tournament Teams

Each school participating in the tournament will be allowed one player selected by the coach.  From the championship game, each team will have two players selected by the coach and the MVP will be selected by the coach from the championship team.


Trophy Sizes

Varsity State Trophies to be provided by the KCAA.

1st Place – 25 ½ in tall

2nd Place – 20 ½ in tall


Junior Varsity Trophies to be provided by the KCAA.

1st Place – 23 ½ in tall

2nd Place – 18 ½ tall


Varsity Regional Trophies/Tip-Off/All-A Tournament

1st Place Trophy is to be less than or equal to 24 inches.

2nd Place Trophy is to be less than or equal to 18 inches.


Boys & Girls Basketball/Varsity Volleyball 12-Team State Tournament

Each super-regional winner and runner-up will be guaranteed one of the four byes in the tournament and will be seeded 1-4, automatically advancing to the second round.  (The winners of the super-regionals, are not automatically seated as 1 and 2.)


Each super-regional 3rd and 4th place team will be seeded 5-8 and will host a state tournament 1st round game against an at-large seed 9-12 (5 v 12, 6 v 11, 7 v 10, 8 v 9). Winners will advance to the second round hosted at a central location.


Consideration will be given to not allow regional members to play each other in the first round.


Seeding will be done by the elected officers and is based upon team’s best overall and strength of KCAA schedule. (Seeding is not based on winning percentage.)


The format for all varsity volleyball matches will be best 2 of 3 sets, rally scoring, with the third set being to 25, no cap, per the NFHS Rules Book.

Double -Elimination tournament brackets for both JV and varsity volleyball (1st round is single-elimination) have been set.


Tournament Fees will be charged.


Soccer/Baseball/Softball State Tournaments

All teams are required to play 75% of KCAA eligible teams participating; include your own team and use mathematical rounding rules (ex. 7.4 = 7 and 7.5 = 8) to find the number.  The number is to be set at the spring meeting for the fall sports and the late summer meeting for the spring sports.  

Minimum number of games played to be eligible for post-season play will equal the number of teams participating.  For example, if 10 teams are participating in soccer, 10 games must be played.


For Fall 2022: Soccer must play 5 teams and 7 games.


For Spring 2023: Baseball must play 5 teams and 7 games.

      Softball must play 5 teams and 7 games.


If there are less than 8 teams participating, all teams proceed to state tournament.


If there are more than 8 teams participating, then follow play-in format for state tournament for teams 9-12.  For the play-in games, the higher seed hosts the game on a date prior to the 8-seed tournament.  


For 1st round games, the lower seed travels to higher seed field; if referees or umpires are not available close to tournament time, then set locations will be decided in advance.  Final Four tournament games will be held at a state tournament location.  Tournament Fees will be charged.



Boys Basketball Tip-Off Classic & Girls Holiday Classic

The top 8 teams from the prior year’s varsity state tournament are automatically included.  If a team does not wish to participate, the host school will select another team to participate based on their ranking from the prior year.  Host school also decides on seeding of tournament.  A tournament fee will be charged.


All soccer matches must be presided over by three official referees; due to hardship, schools are permitted to utilize two soccer referees per game per a gentlemen’s agreement.



Volleyball Regulations – These rules apply for both season & tournament.

Regular Season Varsity Play – Standard format will be best 2 of 3 sets to 25, rally scoring, with the third set being to 25, no cap.  Individual contests, by advance mutual agreement of the competing schools, may be played in best 3 of 5 sets, rally scoring, with the fifth set being to 15. Member schools may agree in advance during regular season tournaments on alternate scoring formats.


Regular Season Junior Varsity Play – will be best 2 of 3 sets to 21, rally scoring, with the third set being to 21, no cap. Member schools may agree in advance during regular season
tournaments, on alternate scoring formats.


Warm-up Time, Regular and Post Season – Standard 15 minutes of warm-up time between
matches: using the 4-5-5-1 format (4 minutes of share; 5 minutes of each team with
serving team taking court first, and 1 minute back at the bench area prior to taking the court)

Please note that there is no cap and schools could not vote to choose to alter any of the above.


All volleyball matches must be presided over by two official referees; due to hardship, schools are permitted to utilize one volleyball referee per game per a gentlemen’s agreement.


Spandex shorts may not be worn as an outer garment, and volleyball shorts must have a minimum of a 5-inch inseam and cover the thigh. (Bylaw Review)




JV Half Times – No more than eight (8) minutes.

Varsity Half Times – No more than twelve (12) minutes.

JV Warm-Up Time – Minimum of 10 minutes.

Varsity Warm-Up Time – Minimum of 12 minutes.

*or mutual agreement between coaches for above times.

All basketball games must be presided over by three official referees; due to hardship, schools are permitted to utilize two referees per game per a gentlemen’s agreement.




Dates for the championship weekend will possibly be on 6 or 13 May. The league voted to allow one additional student to join a boat if a school has an odd number of KCAA students for its fishing competition, but that boat’s participants will not be eligible to win the KCAA state tournament, but the KCAA athlete could win the Big Fish Award. This decision is to be voted on and approved every year until it is determined to be taken off the probationary status.





Cheerleading Regulations

KCAA Cheer must adhere to NFHS Cheer/Spirit Rules during all practices, games, and competitions. Any rule that necessitates an amendment is published on the web site.




KCAA follows the KHSAA rules regarding pitching.


Tournament fees will be assessed, and teams need to supply 6 official NFHS-stamped baseballs for the tournament.


All required games (75% of the number of participating teams) must be scheduled before the last Tuesday before Memorial Day.  The week before Memorial Day is reserved for rain out/ make-up games.  If a team is unwilling to reschedule games during this week, then those games will become forfeits.  Rainouts can be rescheduled anytime prior to these dates but these are the designated make-up dates.  Games above the 75% can be scheduled during the make-up week, but both parties must realize those games can be canceled in order to make up rainouts.  

Baseball State Tournament Pitching Rules:
KHSAA tournament pitching rules will be utilized if quarterfinals are played on Tuesday or Thursday.  If the semifinals are played Friday, then the “rolling 9” (or 120-pitch count)
rule will be applied.  Since not all teams will know when games will be played or if rain outs have occurred in other locations, then KHSAA rules will be applied to those teams completing their games on Tuesday or Thursday and the “rolling 9” (or 120-pitch count) rule will be applied to any teams completing their semifinal/final on Friday/Saturday.




Tournament fees will be charged and each team will need to supply 2 official softballs for the tournament.


The last Tuesday before Memorial Day marks the cut off for scheduling regular-season games. The week before Memorial Day will be reserved for rain out make-up games.  If a team is unwilling to reschedule games during these dates then those games will become forfeits.  Rainouts can be rescheduled anytime prior to these dates, but these are the designated make-up dates.  

Spirit/Artificial Noisemakers

Cheering for your team is allowed during free throws and volleyball serves, but trash-talking (a form of boast or insult heard in competitive situations and often used to intimidate the opposition) is prohibited.


1) Per NFHS playing rules, artificial noisemakers shall be prohibited. Home or game management is responsible for enforcement.

2) Artificial noisemakers include:

a) Cowbells

b) Sirens

c) Clackers

d) Cans or jugs with rocks or marbles

e) Various other creations

f) Any electronic device not used by the band


3) Megaphones are allowed to be used by cheerleaders as long as they are used in the traditional sense. Megaphones are not to be used to bang against the floor or wall to incite crowds or intimidate players. Megaphones may not be used by fans as noisemakers.



Heat Index

The KHSAA does not play a game if the heat index exceeds 104 degrees. KCAA will adhere to this policy.  


Please note the latest Recommendations for Cooling Methods Due to Heat Related Illness:



KHSAA/KMA Safety Course

The KHSAA and the KMA have released the online Safety Course for coaches.  Completion of this course is required for all KHSAA head coaches, as well as for any other coach who may be with a team without a head coach present.  This includes assistant/junior varsity/freshman coaches, volunteer coaches, etc.  At any point during the year when a head coach will not be present for a game/practice/workout, there must be at least one coach there who has completed the online course.  http://www.khsaa.org/safety_course/  The KCAA recommends all coaches to pursue completion.